Welcome to Bustan Nof Meshutaf: A Shared Landscape

Located in the heart of the Galilee, the Bustan is a place for Jews and Arabs to learn about agriculture, ecology, and each other. Amiram and Tilda Goldin founded the Bustan in 2009 as an initiative of the Omri Foundation, an NGO established in memory of their son, Omri Goldin, who was killed by terrorists in the summer of 2002.

Bustan Nof Meshutaf (Shared Landscape) brings together people of different backgrounds in an accepting embrace, providing opportunities to learn in a shared environment and to cultivate the land together. It is a place where nearby communities can meet, a place where Jews and Arabs, secular and religious, young and old, may come in order to heal and grow both individually and collectively while caring for the land.

Shared Landscape offers a range of programs, such as:

  • Ecological workshops
  • Demonstrations of traditional agricultural methods
  • Workshops in traditional crafts, such as basket weaving and loom weaving
  • Art workshops using natural materials
  • A cooking workshop using local wild herbs
  • Cooking workshops using the fire or a tabun (traditional oven) as a heat source
  • Recurring meetings for students from sister Jewish and Arab schools
  • Cultural encounters that challenge conceptions of identity and difference

Prospective program participants, volunteers, and partner organizations should write to Amiram at omrifund@gmail.com.

Learn about Michael’s experience building a new tent platform here.

Read about our partnership with the Rainbow Project here.

And learn about the ongoing encounters we coordinate between Jewish and Arab here.


email: omrifund@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BustanNofMeshutaf

Mobile (international): +972-52-5344929 or local:  052-5344929

Keren Omri- Nof Meshutaf”
c/o Amiram Goldin
Mitspe Aviv
Mobile Post Misgav, 20187,  Israel




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  1. Ian murphy

    Met with your daughter in law in Ireland today and she told me what you guys are doing , I’d just like to say fair play and keep up the good work. Also I am very sorry for your loss


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